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We Provide Cyber Research

Our Services

Our Services



We provide Cyber research & development in the areas of Cyber Defense, Blockchain Technology, and Cloud Computing Security



We provide strategic level consulting to companies on issues of architecture, design, defense strategy, systems engineering and development



We provide Cyber curriculum development for all levels of education to include: secondary, post-secondary, and graduate levels

Our History

Our company was founded on the premise to provide cyber education and training to all levels of education.  Our first contract was with the MD State Department of Education focusing on Cyber curriculum development for middle school students.  As we have grown, we have added both cyber advisory services and research & development to our offerings.  We have worked with many top organizations including Johns Hopkins University, the MITRE corporation, Riverside Research, and the National Security Agency.  We continue to strive for excellence in all we do and look forward to serving your Cyber security needs!

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